October 21, 2018 12pm

trek –
: a trip or movement especially when involving difficulties or complex organization : an arduous journey

A journey they say? We’ve signed up for one and it’s fast approaching! The South Carolina Beast is weeks away and we won’t let you race unprepared. Standing at the start line is so much more fun when you are ready for the trip…one that might involve difficult or complex organization!

Join us for a MOCK OCR of epic proportions!

Part 1:
The race begins at the start of the Reedy Creek entrance to the Company Mill trail. We won’t tell you how many miles you will be running but you will be running. Plus more trail surprises!

Part 2:
A quick drive back to Warrior Tech for the second half of our “Trek” where the race continues.

Compete in your age group for a coveted Warrior Tech medal! This won’t be easy. But it will prepare you for what’s ahead on your #goals in OCR!

*This is NOT a Spartan. This is a MOCK OCR! We are creating a challenging race to help your training. We will award the top finishers in their age groups, but we will not have timing chips. You MUST attempt every obstacle. There will be penalties per missed obstacle which will be different for each!