May 5, 2019 12pm

A reminder:  trek –
: a trip or movement especially when involving difficulties or complex organization : an arduous journey

Last year we introduced a Warrior Tech first, the Warrior Trek! We sent willing competitors on a 2-part course starting with a rigorous run interspersed with obstacles out on the trails of Umstead State Park. The course continued back at Warrior Tech Headquarters with more obstacles to conclude the Trek, crowning each age group winner!

The Warrior Trek was a great mock OCR to help prep our members and the surrounding OCR community for the upcoming mud runs such as Spartan, Bone Frog or Savage. Looking for some more race practice? Have a need for speed or a thirst for competition? Join us! We’ve got even more obstacles to our already impressive list and we are ready for you to stand on the starting line of success!

Part 1:
Umstead of Crabtree, TBD. We won’t tell you how many miles you will be running but you will be running. Plus more trail surprises!

Part 2:
A quick drive back to Warrior Tech for the second half of our “Trek” where the race continues.

Compete in your age group for a coveted Warrior Tech medal! This won’t be easy. But it will prepare you for what’s ahead on your #goals in OCR!

*This is NOT a Spartan. This is a MOCK OCR! We are creating a challenging race to help your training. We will award the top finishers in their age groups, but we will not have timing chips. You MUST attempt every obstacle. There will be penalties per missed obstacle which will be different for each!