New self-service app! Please read instructions below:

FOR NEWCOMERS (for classes, open rig or birthday party reservations):

1) Click “Register” at the login screen to create your profile (or enter your user name and password if you have registered before).

2) Click “Buy” to select the membership or package (individual session, class packs, birthday party deposit, etc) you want to purchase. You must always BUY BEFORE you book a session.

3) Click on “Book Sessions” and select the session you want to book on the calendar AFTER you have purchased the session or package you want.


Login, then go to “Book Sessions” to select the session on the calendar you want to book.

To book other family members in your account, click on the icon that looks like a cone then select the family member before clicking on the session you want.

To book a party or make new purchases, click on “Buy” BEFORE booking the session time.