NO Friday evening classes or Open Rig Friday night, Nov 16 due to a Ninja competition!

NO Saturday morning ADULT classes Nov 17 due to ALL of us running the Spartan BEAST in South Carolina with over 20 members! AROO!

All Sessions need to be signed up for in advance

Go to our Sign-up/Login page to Register.

*FIRST classes for KIDS are ONLY offered Tuesdays (5pm/6pm/7pm) and Fridays (5pm). Those classes are designed to help first time Kid Ninjas understand our program, the Facility rules and get a great obstacle intro! Thanks for helping us make their first time ROCK!

*All Adult Free Trial Classes please let us know if you are interested in OCR, Ninja or Fitness.

Adult Fitness Classes

MON:  5:30a, 6:30a, 9:30a, 12p, 5p, 6p, 7p
TUES:  9:30a, 12p, 5p, 6p, 7p
WED:  5:30a, 6:30a, 9:30a, 12p, 5p, 6p (Wednesday classes OCR prep focused, early morning also Functional Fitness option)
THURS:  9:30a, 12p, 5p, 6p, 7p
FRI:  5:30a, 6:30a, 9:30a, 12p, 5p (9:30a & noon Mobility focus)
SAT: 9a, 12p (Saturday classes OCR prep focused)

Adult Intro to Ninja Class

Tuesdays, 8-9p
Wednesdays, 7-8p

Adult Ninja Night

Wednesdays, 8-10p

Kids NinjaFit Classes

MON: 5, 6p
TUES: 5, 6, 7p
WED: 5, 6, 7p
THURS: 5, 6p
FRI: 5p
SAT: 12p

Kids Competition Team

MON: 7p
SAT: 9a

For more info, check out adult sessions and kids sessions.

Birthday Parties

SAT, 1-7p (time slots are 2 hours long)
For more info, check out birthday parties.

Open Rig Sessions

MON: 5:30-9:30a
TUES: 7:30-9:30a, 12-1:30p, 8-10p *TUESDAY 8-10p is 2 for $20! Must have two people for deal!)
WED: 5:30-9:30a, 12-1:30p, 8-10p
THURS: 7:30-9:30a, 12-1:30p
FRI: 5:30-9:30a, 12-1:30p, 6-10p
SAT 10-11:30a
SUN 9a-1p
**3rd Fri/Sat evening Open Rig of each month cancelled due to Competitions

Spartan SGX/OCR Workshops

2nd Sunday of each month, 6-8p
Next ones, Sep 9, 6-8p, October 14, 6-8p

Read about Open Rig and Workshops!


Kids Divisions (ages 5-6, 7-9, 10-13): Take place on the 3rd Friday of each month at 6:30p
Teen/Adult Divisions (ages 14-17 & 18+): Takes place on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 6:30p

For more info on competitions, check out competitions.