Rose Wetzel - Obstacle Course Racer

Rose Wetzel - Ninja Warrior

Rose Wetzel - Runner

Rose Wetzel - Mom

“rOse-C-R” Warrior Weekend

November 9 & 10

Rose Wetzel is coming to Warrior Tech! Yup, you heard us, Rose Wetzel will be HERE offering a weekend of Workshops to our incredible OCR community far and wide!

Who’s signed up for the Beast in November? Here is your chance to have a Spartan Pro offer you training, tips, techniques and drills! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we are seriously pinching ourselves that we get to offer this to our community!

We designed a kick-butt program that will offer 5 individual Workshops spanning from running, nutrition, OCR and Ninja. Each Workshop will have the option of individual signup, day signup or the entire weekend. This weekend is for adults only.

**However, we will be hosting one “Kids Ninja Techniques” Workshop on Saturday evening from 6-7pm.**

If you aren’t familiar with Rose Wetzel, it’s time you became familiar! Her background in track and cross country at Georgetown University on scholarship has set her up as a superior OCR athlete. An entrepreneur at heart, she started her own personal training business, RoseRunner Sports & Fitness, in 2005, using her knowledge to help shape the lives of those around her. Rose is a sponsored athlete, decorated Spartan racer and devoted mom. Her mile PR is 4:42…sub 5 minutes! She holds the Lifetime Spartan Race Record of 41 Races; 20 Wins; 36 Podiums; 40 Top 5! To say we are excited is an understatement!

The last couple months of planning this weekend has lead to a phenomenal collaboration with one of this sport’s top females. Add in her infectious smile and motivational attitude, she is the perfect candidate for Warrior Tech’s inaugural OCR star! We’ve brought a lot of great athletes into our home and Rose is a FITabulous addition!



9-11am – OCR Workout
6-7pm – Kids Ninja Techniques (ONLY Kids event this weekend!)
7-8pm – Ninja Techniques


8-10am – Trail run w/techniques, training layouts
11-12pm – Brunch w/Nutrition tips
4-6pm – SGX Workshop (in place of regular 6-8pm SGX Workshop)


Entire Weekend – $260
Individual Event – $60 (Kids Ninja NOW $45!)
Saturday (2-events) – $105
Sunday (3-events) – $165