Ninja Competitions

Here at Warrior Tech OCR, we’ll be hosting monthly ninja competitions for adults and kids. All competitions are held the 3rd Friday/Saturday of each month. Each competition will be individual stand alone comps and are not connected to each other for points or qualification. We will host a large “Open Championship” at the end of the year.

Our Kids Competition has three age groups: 5-6, 7-9 and 10-13. Our Teen/Adult Competition has two age groups: 14-17 and 18+.

All prizes for age group winners will be our brilliantly designed medals for bronze, silver and gold! Each competition will be $25 for non-members and $20 for members. Sign up with the links below for our next comp!

September 21, 6:30pm

Warrior Tech Kids Competition

This competition will be open to anyone!

September 22, 6:30pm

Warrior Tech Teens/Adults Competition

This competition is a BEGINNER comp!