AWG (Athlete Warrior Games)

This month’s comp is our AWG (Athlete Warrior Games). The founders of Athlete Warrior Games Inc. have created an advanced scoring system that rewards competitors not just for their speed, but also for their method for overcoming each obstacle. Our mission is for the Ninja Warrior movement to someday be transformed into a sport at the Olympic Games!


Age groups (age as of April 27th, 2019):
KIDS 6-7
Boys/Girls: 8-10
Boys/Girls: 11-13

Teens: 14-17
Women: 18-35
Women: 36+
Women: Pro

Men: 18-38
Men: 39+
Men: Pro


AWG Kids Comp

July 19, 6:30pm

AWG Teens/Adults Comp

July 20, 6:30pm