66 Days

This is the magic pixie dust we all think is going to come floating into our lives when we start a workout program or begin meal prepping to keep us on track. Whether we’re recommitting to fitness or brand new to it, this is the sought-after and seemingly elusive catalyst we all wait for to keep us going. We look at people in better shape and wonder how they never seem to skip a workout, how they stay so inspired all the time.
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A Negative Mind Will Never Give You a Positive Result

To this point, I’ve been more direct about my advice in these posts than personal. But as a writer maybe that’s what’s missing for me in these blogs, and possibly for my few readers as well… The purpose of these pieces is to connect- me to you, you to nutrition and wellness strategies, and to connect all of us better as a community. That being said, I think it’s time I shared something a little different in hopes it inspires even one of you.
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Now what?

Last October, I set a goal for myself. I wanted to qualify for and compete in the OCR World Championships. At the time, it seemed daunting. What was I getting myself into?

Well, a year passed, and I did it. Myself, Coach Cody and Steven Kyle (one of our members) traveled to Canada and kicked that race’s butt.

Then, I came back home and found myself thinking…now what?
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Sight Beyond Sight

It is amazing when faces light up after seeing the mockup. It is even more amazing to see the mockup come to life. What’s even better is when all the hard work comes together and the ‘real thing’ is so much better than the mockup.
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