66 Days

This is the magic pixie dust we all think is going to come floating into our lives when we start a workout program or begin meal prepping to keep us on track. Whether we’re recommitting to fitness or brand new to it, this is the sought-after and seemingly elusive catalyst we all wait for to keep us going. We look at people in better shape and wonder how they never seem to skip a workout, how they stay so inspired all the time.
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Building a Healthy Relationship…with your Food, Rethinking Your Reward System

This post is a little difficult to write, as I don’t have a ton of research or facts to streamline for you and instead speak mostly from personal experience. It took me a long time to figure this out, and I really wish someone, or something had connected the dots for me earlier because my abs would’ve made an appearance sooner!

I honestly never realized I had a negative relationship with food until I was in college.

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Jessica’s 411 on Supplements

I’ve said it before, and at the risk of boring you all, I’ll say it again; any one product that requires you to be overly reliant on it in order to achieve a result is NOT something you want to be taking. Most of the time these “supplements” help achieve a goal in the short term, but it isn’t sustainable for the lasting results we’re all looking for.
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