66 Days

This is the magic pixie dust we all think is going to come floating into our lives when we start a workout program or begin meal prepping to keep us on track. Whether we’re recommitting to fitness or brand new to it, this is the sought-after and seemingly elusive catalyst we all wait for to keep us going. We look at people in better shape and wonder how they never seem to skip a workout, how they stay so inspired all the time.

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Comparison is the Greatest Thief of Joy

Reminder: life is a marathon, not a sprint.  Don’t compare your journey to someone else’s highlight reel.  Real life looks a lot different with a filter and a couple quotes or hashtags attached to it!

I’ve touched on this in various posts before but was talking with a friend this past weekend about where she’s at versus where she wants to be fitness-wise, and as she’s not the first person to bring it up recently, it seems a more direct entry about this topic is in order.

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A Negative Mind Will Never Give You a Positive Result

To this point, I’ve been more direct about my advice in these posts than personal. But as a writer maybe that’s what’s missing for me in these blogs, and possibly for my few readers as well… The purpose of these pieces is to connect- me to you, you to nutrition and wellness strategies, and to connect all of us better as a community. That being said, I think it’s time I shared something a little different in hopes it inspires even one of you.

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UNAA Comp Recap

What a day! We had our first UNAA Area qualifier this past Saturday, and it was pretty awesome! The team at Warrior Tech made everything run so smoothly, and everyone seemed to have a good time. We had some incredible media coverage both before and during the event. We had some awesome sponsors hook us up with pretty sweet prizes. We had a ton of spectators, and some amazing talent tackle the course. I couldn’t have asked for the day to go any better.

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Challenge Accepted

I never back down from a challenge.

It’s not a problem I have. It’s a gift. That’s right, I’m calling it a gift.

When people hear that I don’t back down, their immediate reaction is that I am competitive. Which, partly is true. However, looking back, recent challenges have 100% changed my life far better than I could have ever imagined.

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