School Age Camp

Warrior Tech OCR offers the area’s most unique, fun and healthy school-age camp experience! We’ll entertain and train your 5-13 year-old child (or children) like no other facility can. Every camp day at Warrior Tech OCR will include: time on the obstacles; learning about exercise science; nutrition; and focus on Core Values.

Drop off begins at 8:45 am, camp starts at 9a*.
Training day ends at 4 p.m.
Before Care is 7:30 – 8:45 am, After Care is 4 – 6 p.m.
*Please arrive on time so that your child won’t miss important instructions for the day.

Sept-May: Full Week is $250/week per child, Single Day is $60/day per child. Before Care is $5/day, After Care is $10/day. June-August: Full Week is $260/week per child, no Single Day options.

For siblings enrolled in the same week, the first child is full price, additional siblings from the same household gets 15% discount with coupon code “SIBLING” which must be used at time of purchase, discounts cannot be applied after purchase.

Cancellations up to two weeks before camp will be refunded in full. Less than two week’s notice gets 50% refund. There is no refund or switching days for cancellations that take place during the week or day of camp.

We will announce by 7am of the camp day if we will be closed or operating on a delay due to weather conditions. In the case of closing, we will offer the opportunity for campers to choose another camp day between now and June 1, 2018 in exchange for their lost day. There will be no refund or alternate days if we are operating on a delay, early closing or regular schedule. All information on our operating schedule will be announced by 7am via email and website on our schedule page. We will also update all social media.

Kids should bring a bag lunch, two (healthy) snacks and a water bottle, and should dress in gym clothes with socks and sneakers. No flip-flops, dresses or skirts, or shoes with heels or hard soles. Fridays at 3pm is the Camp Competition. All parents invited!! Also, please read additional parent notes at the bottom of this page.

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Thursday, September 5 –  THU 

Friday, September 6 –  FRI (WAITLIST ONLY)

Week of September 9th – Whole week I MON I TUE I WED I THU I FRI

Week of September 16th – Whole week I MON I TUE I WED I THU I FRI

Week of September 23rd – Whole week I MON I TUE I WED I THU I FRI

Week of September 30th – Whole week I MON I TUE I WED I THU I FRI

Week of October 7th – Whole week I MON I TUE I WED I THU I FRI

Week of October 14th – Whole week I MON I TUE I WED I THU I FRI

Week of October 21st – Whole week I MON I TUE I WED I THU I FRI

Week of October 28th – Whole week I MON I TUE I WED I THU I FRI

Week of November 11th – Whole week I MON I TUE I WED I THU I FRI

Week of November 18th – Whole week I MON I TUE I WED I THU I FRI

Week of November 25th – 3-Day Week I MON I TUE I WED 

Week of December 9th – Whole week I MON I TUE I WED I THU I FRI

Week of December 16th – Whole week I MON I TUE I WED I THU I FRI

Week of December 23rd – 3-Day Week I MON I THU I FRI

Week of December 30th – 3-Day Week I MON I THU I FRI

Parents’ Night Out

If your kids are climbing your walls and between the ages of 5-13, bring them to our place and let them climb ours! At Warrior Tech OCR, parents’ night out is a win-win situation. You get three hours without your bundle(s) of joy, they get a fun night that’s guaranteed* to wear them out. And pizza!

Parents’ night out is held every first and second Friday of the month and runs from 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. Cost is $25 for the first child and $20 for each additional child.

* – not an actual guarantee, but we’ll do our best!

Register now for Parent’s Night Out:
Sep 6 I  Sep 13

Parent notes: Although we are trained professionals and we take every precaution necessary to ensure the safety of you and your children, our facility can be dangerous. All participants will have the safety procedures and rules of our facility explained to them. This includes following instructions of our Staff and Techs. If anyone cannot adhere to our rules or follow instruction, we will take action to protect them and ourselves, up to and including having them leave the facility immediately with no refund. Dependent on the severity of the situation, we will attempt to proceed with the following actions:

1. Verbal warning
2. Temporary “Time out” or removal from the activity or situation
3. Extended removal from activity or situation
4. Expulsion from the facility

In the event a participant is asked to leave due to inappropriate behavior, they will be prohibited from entering the facility until such time as we trust they can use the facility responsibly. If anyone is seen drinking alcohol, smoking, or using drugs, they will be barred from the facility permanently.

Please talk to your child and have them understand the implications of their actions.