Our Adult Sessions

We want everyone to have a great experience, so please signup for classes ahead of time. Click on Sign Up/Login to register. Click on schedule to see all available sessions.

Warrior Tech OCR offers group fitness classes for adults and kids, as well as “Open Rig” time in the facility to play on all of our obstacles — inside and out. Warrior Tech OCR members have full access to all classes and Open Rig times. We offer single-session passes and 10-visit punch cards for non-members.

Adult Fitness Classes

We use the methodologies of general physical preparedness, obstacle course racing and ninja warrior as a basis for our classes, which almost always will feature at least one obstacle. Our coaches are certified in Spartan SGX, and by the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM). Our classes are specifically designed by our techs to increase our athletes’ ability to overcome obstacles, both mentally and physically.

The first class is always free at Warrior Tech OCR, so give us a call at 919-230-1992, or email us. You must signup for classes! And all participants need a waiver, so please plan ahead.

Drop-in Classes are $20/person.

Open Rig

During Open Rig time, you’ll have full access to every obstacle we have — inside and out — to train to your heart’s content. Need help? Our techs will always be on hand to share tips and techniques.

Open Rig Sessions are $20/person. Accompanying parents are $10/parent.

Nutrition Seminar

We will be hosting a 2-hour Nutrition Seminar for adults who are interested in understanding nutrition. You’ve put in the hours in class and have been building strength and endurance. There are more pieces to the puzzle in weight loss and optimal physical health.

Our Trainer Jessica is going to spend an hour discussing the importance of good nutrition and coaching on what your body needs. The next hour will be an Open House; a time for questions, meal strategies and the do’s and don’t’s of proper nutrition.

Our Seminar will be Aug 8, 6-8pm. Cost is $20/class per student, free for members.

Obstacle Course Training:

Spartan SGX/OCR Workshops

Signed up for a race? Thinking of signing up for a race? We have your back. An obstacle course race is no walk in the park. It’s unpredictable. Posted distances are approximate, unidentified obstacles abound, and aid station placement is not guaranteed. We’ll get you in “ready for anything” condition and provide ample opportunity to practice on obstacles you’re likely to come face-to- face with in your race.

Warrior Tech OCR hosts two-hour Spartan SGX/OCR Classes monthly. Cost is $20/class per student, free for members.

Adult Ninja Skills Training

We will be hosting a 2-hour Ninja class weekly for adults who are interested in digging deeper into scaling obstacles like a Ninja Warrior! If you are interested in a higher level of training, this is your chance!

Neighboring Training Facilities Level Up and UBW host competitions a few times throughout the year. We will plan to have our team compete.

Cost is $20/class per student, free for members.