Who are our members?

When we first set out to create Warrior Tech we knew the most important piece to the puzzle was community. We fell in love with racing and Ninja Warrior because of the people we met throughout our journey. Here at Warrior Tech, we planted the seed of “family” by creating a schedule that allows families to train side by side. And that seed is growing. It’s been heart warming to watch parents and their kids tackle obstacles. Whether it be in fitness Classes, Ninja Classes, Open Rig or on the racing circuit, Warrior Tech families are working together.

We’d love to highlight our members here. Who are they? How do they train? What goals do they have? Take a read and learn who they are…then grab your family and head on in. And let’s build the Warrior Tech community!

Steven Kyle

The Hardest Obstacle in Obstacle Course Racing

Five months ago I had no clue that taking my daughter to a birthday party at Warrior Tech OCR would FOREVER change my life.

This month I competed on the world stage and held my own against some the best Obstacle Course Racers from 67 different countries.

I was arguably the least experienced guy in that corral at the start and while I was standing there couldn’t help but think that I didn’t belong with these elite athletes who had trained for years for this opportunity.

However after the gun went off and the mud settled, I discovered something exciting. At the completion of every single obstacle I was given something. CONFIDENCE! Confidence I should have already had from all my fitness classes and “ninja training” at Warrior Tech OCR.

As I learned this month, SELF-DOUBT is the hardest obstacle you will encounter in your training and on race day. Don’t give into it, you are better than that. Set a goal and accept nothing less. The human body and spirit are amazing things, so don’t ever underestimate what you can do.

My wife and children have always supported my crazy athletic ventures and I love that they have come along side me and are also competing in OCRs and finding success. Now I’m so proud to call Warrior Tech and the people I’ve met there my “extended family”. We reach down and help each other up when we fall and we all share in the joy of our collective accomplishments.

Just like 99% of the population, I have no special gifts or athletic talent. All I really possess is the drive to both compete and never give up.

I told my son recently while we were training, “If you give your mind an out, your body will take it.”
If you allow yourself to think that NOT making the grab or letting go is acceptable, then your body will follow.

Don’t give yourself any options except success.

So what is YOUR goal?

Write it on your bathroom mirror, put it on a sticky in your office, do whatever it takes to remind yourself that you WILL achieve it! Because the best part about goals is that once you achieve one, you get to create a NEW adventure for yourself.