Our story

Warrior Tech OCR the first and only facility of its kind in the Triangle.

#knowyourwhy – We do!

We were craving a place to train for ourselves and our families, but couldn’t find the right spot. We knew others had to be thinking the same thing, too. So we did something about it!

Warrior Tech is not a gym or an entertainment center. It’s a training facility where members can use the methodologies of obstacle course readiness and ninja warrior training to get fit and healthy. Our classes will be dynamic, entertaining, challenging and unique. We think outside the box!

Each of us at Warrior Tech has a story. We call it our “why”. A reason that obstacle course fitness is what we eat, sleep and breathe.

Learn more about us as individuals on the bio page.

What is OCR?

Officially, it stands for obstacle course racing. But we call it obstacle course readiness, because we want to prepare you for the obstacles in life.

OCR is dynamic, challenging, and exhilarating fitness training. The adult classes will use bodyweight resistance of all muscle groups to improve balance, power and endurance. The kids classes help teach kids strength, agility and endurance while also giving them the tools to grow their confidence, learn problem solving skills and build friendships.

Our methods of OCR and ninja training are taught using our obstacles in safe, fun, unique and skill-driven classes.

Kids workshop
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Check us out. Bring a friend. Stay awhile. Become family.