Now what?

Last October, I set a goal for myself. I wanted to qualify for and compete in the OCR World Championships. At the time, it seemed daunting. What was I getting myself into?

Well, a year passed, and I did it. Myself, Coach Cody and Steven Kyle (one of our members) traveled to Canada and kicked that race’s butt.

Then, I came back home and found myself thinking…now what? I had spent the last year cycling between training hard and then training not so hard and then training hard and then slacking off and then training hard and then not training hard and then realizing that the World Championships were only like a month away and trying to jam in as much training as a could. Then it happened, and I was done! I did well! Goal Accomplished. Now what?

I had set a goal and achieved it. It was a great feeling, but also left me a little lost. What do I do now? Sure, I could start training for the next race, but that’s so far away. I found myself slacking. My workouts didn’t have a structure, and were a lot more sporadic. This went on for longer than I would have preferred, until one day, after throwing around a weight or a sandbag or a bar in some sort of general direction, I realized something. You need to keep setting goals for yourself to be successful in your training!

I know I know. Practice what you preach. I’m a Coach for goodness sake! I tell this to people all of the time. Should be a no brainer, right? Apparently not. I experienced exactly what clients tell me all of the time. Working out for the sake of working out is good, and of course has its benefits. But setting yourself a goal refines the WHY of your workout, and allows you to really examine what you are doing in your training. How can I reach my goal? How can I refine my training to help me achieve that goal. If I don’t know how, who can I talk with to point me in the right direction?

Even if your goal is something that will take a while to achieve, set yourself milestones and work towards those in the meantime. After you achieve your goal, set yourself another one! It can be something small, it can be something big, something out of your comfort zone, something that keeps you engaged! Goal setting helps your WHY am I doing this turn into a HOW can I do this, and eventually into a I DID do this. And if you did do it, imagine what else you can do!

I set myself a new goal and am already working towards it. And then after I achieve that goal, I’m going to set myself another one. And then another, and then another. And then maybe take a break after that.