How is it juggling Business Owner and Mom?

This post is for all the moms out there. I’m talking to you. Whether you are a business owner, doctor, lawyer, techie or teacher, you are juggling. Sometimes successfully. And sometimes not. I float through days happy as a clam thinking, oh yeah, I got this. Then I am driving home and 18 thoughts pop in my head of what I needed to do yesterday. Dang. Dropped a ball. Maybe even a few.
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Now what?

Last October, I set a goal for myself. I wanted to qualify for and compete in the OCR World Championships. At the time, it seemed daunting. What was I getting myself into?

Well, a year passed, and I did it. Myself, Coach Cody and Steven Kyle (one of our members) traveled to Canada and kicked that race’s butt.

Then, I came back home and found myself thinking…now what?
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Losing Weight at a Healthy Rate

Throughout my time nutritional counseling, a frustratingly common misconception I’ve run into with people is their perception of progress. I see it as my job to educate people so that these ideas don’t manifest in unhealthy ways long-term. I don’t want clients to need me forever; I’m here to give them the tools with which to be successful, find a healthier lifestyle, and help them work strategies to maintain that long-term, with or without me.
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It pays to make it a lifestyle change!

So, it may not seem like it since I have started this blog, but this has been a pretty extensive journey so far for me. I say that I started at 230, but to be honest, I was probably a bit over that. Even for the 7 or so weeks that I have written this I have lost around 15lbs. Prior to that, it was at least an additional 15lbs. That all sounds good, right?
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