Jessie Graff

Barclay Stockett

Maggi Thorne

Jake Murray

Natalie Duran

Nate Burkhalter

Shaun Provost

DJ Jules

JAM Ice Cream


It’s time to celebrate! ONE YEAR AGO we officially opened and held a giant party, opening our doors to the public with Open Rig and plenty of Ninjas. So we thought, why not do it again?

That’s right, we are hosting a GIANT PARTY, opening our doors to the public and having plenty of Ninjas. Say whaaaaaaa? AND JESSIE GRAFF WILL BE HERE! Say Maggi Thorne! Barclay Stockett! Natalie Duran! Jake Murray! Nate Burkhalter! Yup, we just watched them race across the screen in Ninja Vs. Ninja and will soon see all of them compete in Season 10 of American Ninja Warrior!

Annnnnnd, Season 1 US female contestant on Ultimate Beastmaster, Shaun Provost will be here! We are pulling out all the stops on this one!

Now you get to MEET them! And take SELFIES with them! And LEARN from them!

Everyone needs a ticket!

*Jessie is ONLY here from 11-3pm!

(Tuesday Workshop Info)


On May 28, we will open our doors from 11am-7pm! We will have Open Rig, food trucks, a DJ, vendors and amazing Ninjas and athletes! Our athletes will be hosting mini Workshops throughout the day, see the schedule below!

Cost: (tickets for ages 5+, children 4 and under are FREE)
Individual Ticket: $20
Family of 3: $55
Family of 4: $70
Family of 5: $85
Family of 6: $100

Event Day Showcase Schedule:

12:15-12:45 “Mini But Mighty” Warped Wall skills – Barclay Stockett
1:15-1:45 “Adventure in Ninja” – Natalie Duran
2:15-2:45 “Fast Feet Agility” – Maggi Thorne
3:15-3:45 “IllumiNATE: Be a Light for Others” – Nate Burkhalter
3:30-4 “Beast It: Think OCR” – Shaun Provost/Maggi Thorne
4:15-4:45 “Peg Board Challenge” – Barclay Stockett
5:15-5:45 “Step it up: Quad Style” – Jake Murray
5:30-6 “Rope Race: Toe Style” – Natalie Duran
6:15-6:45 “Rising Up/Igniting Hope” – Maggi Thorne


If ANY family member will be PLAYING ON OBSTACLES, they need a WAIVER.
Those with a waiver will receive a band.
No band? No obstacles.


OK folks, we are trying to make things easier for you! ONE member of your family can purchase tickets below! Everyone needs a ticket! HOWEVER, if ANY family member will be PLAYING ON OBSTACLES, they need a WAIVER! See button to the left!